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Nawaran (Oenpelli Python)

Nawaran (Oenpelli Python)

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The Oenpelli python or Nawaran is seen as the sacred Rainbow Serpent by many clans
in Arnhemland and Kakadu National Park and until recently was only a ‘wish-list’ animal
for private reptile keepers in Australia. Over the past decade I have not only brought this
animal into captivity and bred it successfully, so it is obtainable for everyone who wants
one and is in a state that allows it, but I have also written down everything this amazing
species of animal has done over that time. This information has culminated in the book,
Nawaran (Oenpelli Python): Connecting Captivity and Conservation (2024).

This book details the keeping of Nawaran and highlights where captivity and
conservation can work together.

This book is written for advanced keepers and does little to address the basic keeping of
pythons in general. The information provided is very much Oenpelli specific and aimed
at the many people who currently have the species, those who may one day have them
or those who just find them an awesome and interesting python.

The book also outlines the entire Oenpelli Python project, its connection with Indigenous
people and country and how it can act as a blueprint for future native animal projects
from Indigenous homelands.

This will be a limited release with all books (only 250) signed by me and inscription to the owner (as
requested). More information on number of pages and availability in the near future as it
is currently being collated for printing.

The book is available for $115 plus $20 freight. 

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